Expert in hight quality reproductions on Art paper

Lineature prints your artwork (painting, sculpture, drawing, photography) in limited editions with a professional and responsible approach using high quality museum techniques and materials. All our products are hand made in our workshop located in South Ouest of France. 
Museums, Cultural Institutions, Art Shops... We would like to share our expertise with you to provide high quality “art edition” to your visitors.

Our Expertise

Respect for the original

If your concern is to provide high quality and sustainable fine art prints to your customers, we would like you to know that it is our main priority. Let us explain to you our way to proceed.

At Lineature we do no merely copy images but produce high quality reproductions that honor the historical and artistic integrity of the original work. Each artwork is treated as a unique piece with its own life, histories and particularities that must be protected. All of our editions are aimed at preserving every single detail.
That’s why, we are proceeding to many tests. We are very concerned to transmit the soul and the emotion that emanate from each work of art.

Durable over time /
Highest standards reproduction

We are using high quality, museum standard techniques and materials.
The Giclée process (also called Digigraphy) using a high-quality inkjet printer and high-resolution digital scans enable us to produce faithful re-editions that capture the highest level of details. This reproduction process produces most stable and durable product (process mainly recognized and used by institutions such as Le Louvre and British museums).
All the paper we use, are acid-free papers created traditionally with fibers made of 100% natural cotton. We also use water-based pigmented inks. This quality materials prevent damage, yellowing and will contribute to the stability of colors.

Our Products

The Fine Art Print

We propose a fine art print of your selected artwork printed on an acid-free 100% natural cotton paper and using the Digigraphy printing process to provide a very high quality and faith full reproduction.
Prints come in two dimensions: 30x40cm or 40x60cm (including margins on sides).
The print is rolled and protected by a crystal paper and then packed in a smart cardboard roll ready to be offered and secured to travel with.   

Re-Thinking the Passe-Partout

Allow your visitors to take home the emotion of the exhibition… Our Passe-Partout is often considered as a collection item by the regular visitors.

We are producing a high-quality acid free mat board and a Giclée print on cotton paper that comply faithfully with museum requirements. The print is fixed at the back only on one side with an acid free tape.
We then place a printed kraft page at the back containing information such as the biography of the artist (text provided by the Museum) and detailed information about the print process and the quality of the edition.

The Aluminium Frame

The frame is the essential “companion” to the Passe-Partout !
Easy to mount and to transport in its cardboard case.

Our self-assembly frames are packed in smart cardboard cases including assembly kits and a small flat head screw. The instructions are printed at the back of the case. We offer four different finishes and colours.

The Gift Box

The passe-partout can be sold on its own with the protected blister or can be presented in a smart cardboard case which gives information about the quality of the edition and its printing process.

It allows the print to be protected and secured if the customer is travelling. It is also a nice gift box which made the passe-partout a present ready to offer ! 

They Trusted Us...

We are proud to collaborate with important museums and art institutions such as: Fondation Beyeler, RmN Grand Palais (Réunion des Musées Nationaux de France) and Opéra Garnier in Paris. We have also partnered with: BnF (Bibliothèque nationale de France), The Library of Congress (Washington - USA) and with the British Library (UK).

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