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Luxury prints of artworks

Reproductions that live up to the original artworks.
We specialize in quality reproductions of art for cultural institutions and souvenir gift shops. With a professional and responsible approach for the reprinting of great museum works.


The specific expertise that our professional team brings to the work provides direct and clear benefits to our customers.

Reproduction of artworks prior to copy of images

At Lineature we do no merely copy images but produce high quality reproductions that honour the historical and artistic integrity of the original works. All of our interventions are according to international principles and codes of ethics for the respect of cultural heritage. Each work is treated as a unique piece with its own life and histories, the particularities of which must be protected. All of our re-edition is aimed at preserving the unique details of each work of art.

Highest standards of reproduction

We use high-quality, museum standard materials and techniques and the Giclée method that enable us to produce faithful re-editions that capture the highest level of detail specific to original techniques. This reproduction process produces the most stable and durable product and is therefore also used by the Louvre and British Museums. Currently Giclée art prints constitute a recognized category of museum quality digital prints.

Tens of tests with quality papers

We begin each work with research into the artist and his/her methods and materials, after we conduct hundred of tests with many different types of paper until we find the one that transmits the soul and the emotion that emanate from the work of art. All the papers we use, are acid-free papers created traditionally with fibres made of 100% natural cotton. They are high artistic quality papers, of natural white color with matt or satin finish.

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